Ephemeral Experiences

Once again I have taken a word like TREE and used it to write a dark, twisted, little tragedy.  I don’t even know how to explain this one really without giving it away.  I will say that its dark, and a lot of things are implied, but nothing stated outright.  Really just a single bad choice, and then some very improbable consequences…

The world spun, or was it is her that was spinning, round and round, faster and faster, and it felt like any moment she would fall, losing balance, land face first in the dew-covered grass.

When the moment finally came and her mostly numb feet left the ground, she fell forward, but the feeling on her face was stinging and warm and she wasn’t falling she was floating.

She turned up lazily and saw her reflection gazing back down at her from the mirrored ceiling, pupils blown, hair floating freely and she smiled at the serenity she saw there even as a part of her mind tried desperately to work where the mirror had come from.

All at once the serenity was gone, as she took a deep breath, choking, feeling like her lungs were on fire, knowing at once that she was having an asthma attack, and she desperately tried to propel herself back down to the ground, towards the bag with her medication.

Her limbs felt like jelly, as she struggled through air thick as molasses, floating upward as she fought for life trying to make her way back down, and then she stopped fighting, knowing she wouldn’t make it, wanting to enjoy her last moments in this warm feeling of carefree weightlessness.

It would be hours before her fate was observed by anyone other that the fake palm overlooking the heated pool, and weeks before anyone but that tree would learn that there was no foul play, just a trip gone wrong, a little girl lost to the easily avoidable, a tragedy.

You Can’t Go Home Again Part 2

Ok, go

This is based on the six sentence story prompt “wear” from girlontheedge, and it a continuation of last weeks story, where a desperate girl passed into Faerie, and feasted upon the offered food. This week, we get to see what becomes of her as she realizes the truth of her actions. It could probably by read alone, but I recommend reading “You Can’t Go Home Again” first.

It was only when she was full that the weight of her actions settled upon her, and the regret she felt made the food feel like lead in her stomach, as without her, her sister would soon starve, alone on the poor side of town.

Time melted away as she waited to see another, to explain her plight, ask for assistance, and when she had finally given up, pleading her case into the emptiness of the house, it seemed that her prayers were answered. She knew somehow, as the wall swung open, that should she make the choice the step through it, here and now, she would never be able to return again, and the memory freezing on an empty stomach made her pause only a moment before she pressed on.

In minutes she was at the mushroom ring, the world growing dimmer as she stepped through it, and she ran towards town, knowing that she had made it back to her own realm, one of those touched by the Fae and lucky enough to live to tell the tale, or so she thought.

She was stopped cold when she arrived in town, it was as strange as it was familiar, the roads that were in the same spots were now covered with some strange dark rock, occupied not by horses and carriages, but by screaming metal beasts that moved far too fast, by buildings that no longer bore any resemblance to those she knew except for the chapel. The people, so many of them, all seemed to wear strange garments, giving her queer looks as they passed, and as she stood before giant building where her home should been, she began to weep, as she now knew the truth of what she had been told about eating the food of faerie, she could never go home again.