A Farewell to Clive

Hello hello, welcome to this week’s six sentence story based on the word of the week FLUSH.  This one is a little twist, not nearly as dark as it first appears, and features someone getting their comeuppance when deciding to be an ass.  I recommend reading it twice for the full effect, but I don’t want to ruin it by giving away more, so read on and I hope you enjoy.

I felt my face flush with heat as I tried to quietly explain that I had to leave early tomorrow, not wanting to go into details, but George is an asshole, so once he loudly proclaimed LEAVING EARLY ON A FRIDAY, I loudly countered it was for a funeral.

George was the one red in the face after that, asking exactly zero more questions, just stating his condolences, switching out 2 hours PTO request with a full day paid bereavement, refusing to accept no as an answer when I tried to explain this didn’t qualify under our policy.

I would have gone into details, but it wasn’t the first time George had pulled this kind of thing, he only did it with the women, and humiliating people every time they ask for time off was bound to come back and bite him eventually, though by the looks of disgust the rest of the staff was throwing him, I might have made it today.

I spent the next morning writing the eulogy, trying to get the words right, because it would be my funeral next if I screwed this up, Tally was already upset with me for not wanting to attend the funeral, and in trying to backtrack I found myself in charge of the whole ordeal.

I dressed in all black, standing beside my three siblings, and I spoke from the depths of my heart about Clive, how he was always there for us, the perfect listener, never complaining, always content till the day he passed on, though he would always live on in our hearts.

I waited for the tears to subside before I moved on to the next step, watching as Clive spun round and round, moving on to his eternal resting place with a single flush of the toilet, and I made a plan to head to the pet store next weekend, when it wasn’t quite so raw, and pick up another 10 cent feeder fish.