A Step Out of Time

This is another Flashfiction February Piece, where the challenge was to convey an emotion without actually naming it. I went to a dark place with it, and tried to verbalize a struggle that many experience. I want to say more, but I feel like it would spoil it. Check the tags if you don’t want to be blindsided.

It seemed to Dani as if she were moving in slow motion, while the world kept on as it always had. She was behind in every conversation, her head full, each word she spoke, a battle.

There were entire moments when everything was normal, and then she would see something, think she should tell Graham about it, and a weight would press down on her chest, leaving her struggling to breathe.

People kept saying that it would be okay, but watching the world move so fast around her, she still couldn’t foresee a day where she wouldn’t wear black.

If it wasn’t obvious, the emotion was grief.


So this is a mid-week bonus. Feeling a little bleh following my second Covid-19 vaccine and so I decided to try Jimmie’s prompt of a pair of boots hanging from a fence. Its dark, deals with loss, and has a narrator of no specified gender. Based on some real experience as I finally “experienced” a loss several months later as I saw something in a store that the person would have liked, and picked it up before I remembered…

I was dazed, as the police stood at my door and told me what had occurred.

I was numb, at the hospital, as the doctors explained that nothing more could be done.

I was disinterested, at the funeral home as I made the arrangements.

I was aloof, as I ignored the accusing glares of those who thought I should not be so dry-eyed at the burial.

I was callous, as I packed up half my life in boxes and gave it away.

I was indifferent, as I learned that I would lose the house.

I was detached, as I chose what was important to come with me to my tiny apartment.

I was devastated, as I walked by the gate for the last time and saw her boots hanging from it

I was crushed, as I realized that I would never be able to laugh at her ridiculous footwear again.

I was wrecked, as I sank to the ground crying in the driveway of the house we had shared.  

I was destroyed, as I understood that nothing would ever be the same again now that she was gone.