Promotion Perks

Hello hello and welcome to this week’s Microfiction Monday, where I will be answering the prompt to write a contemporary piece under 300 words about a character that tells us something about who they are, through what they say, or the actions they take. Follow the narrator, as they encounter one of the usual suspects, and not everything turns out the way they expect…

I sat down at my desk, and paused, something was not right.

I moved the pens from the left side of my desk, to the right, ignoring Bryan’s snickers, and wondering again if I should contact HR.  On the one hand, it was harmless, moving my stuff around didn’t hurt anyone, and he didn’t hide anything anywhere I couldn’t find it.  On the other hand, he had no reason to touch my things, and he knew that it bothered me, so that was harassment, right? 

It didn’t matter though, I wouldn’t be here for much longer, not that he knew that. 

I had applied for certification last week, my documentation was all order, and I had aced the written exam.  Once I received the paperwork in the mail, I could apply for somewhere else, somewhere without Bryan, and maybe the next person who occupied this desk would be less easy to rile.

The job offer preceded the paperwork, and it came from my bosses boss, who had heard I was getting certified, and had a vacancy that would be easier to fill by someone who already knew the landscape. 

There would be better offers at other places, we paid at the low end of the scale, but the experience would be an asset for my next job, and the perks were what sold it.

It wasn’t the bonus, or that I would get an office with a door that locked to prevent people from touching my things, it was that my role would be a supervisory one, to a single employee.  I could barely contain my smirk as I thought about Bryan’s up performance review…


Lost in Translation

So this one was a little office humor, based on a twitter exchange where someone was trying to say “the projects are a shitshow”, but politely in office speak. This is my little version of that for this weeks six-sentence story prompt word of FLUID for girlontheedge’s challenge. Enjoy.

“The situation is rather fluid at the moment.”

Karen didn’t want to have to tell him what the fluid was though, because this whole thing was a disaster from the moment they accepted a contract for a material they were unable to build with, on a time-line that they would never be able to make, but when the client turned to her, she smiled and nodded along in agreement with her boss.

“We will keep you apprised of any changes.”

In exactly the same manner you did Mr. Biquell, three weeks after they were made, with no recourse, and with a handful of surface level apologies that are both necessary and entirely meant to stop you from throwing a tantrum in our office.

“Thank you for your understanding, we appreciate your ongoing business.”

Not that you understand, but we both realize that we are 2 years into this project, it would take longer for you to explain it to someone new and get them up to speed then it would for us to finish with the delays because of all your upgrades, so we are stuck with each other, and when we do deliver its going to be so good that you are going to come back for you next new idea, god help us both.