Grand Prize Winner

This six-sentence-story was written for girlontheedge’s weekly challenge, the word of choice was TREATMENT. I have to admit, I struggled a bit with this one. My first thought of course was medical treatment and I just wasn’t in the mood to go there this week, so instead I chose a spa treatment, and for once I didn’t want my story to be an everything that can go wrong does, so I went another route, with a dude bro at the spa.

It sounded pretty weird for a dude, a full weekend spa treatment, but his was the name that had been drawn.   He hadn’t really wanted to do it, but there was something about the assumption that he should just give his prize away that irked him, because they didn’t ask Gail to give up her prize where the intended recipient was obviously supposed to be a guy.

So he was standing in this swanky spa, in a bathrobe, trying to pretend like this was something he was into, like this was something good.  It didn’t stop being weird either, through the mud bath, the scrub, the manicure, pedicure, shave, facial, the eyebrow thing, the hair conditioning, the hair cut, and even the massage.

He relaxed a little though and decided to go with it, even though it felt strange, like something that he shouldn’t be indulging in, after all, this wasn’t something that was meant for him.   It was only as he caught sight of himself in a mirror on the way out of the hotel that he reconsidered, as he did a double take, not recognizing the smiling, well groomed man in the mirror, and he wondered if maybe chicks were onto something with this who spa weekend deal.