Walking the Wire

Okay, so I decided to give the six-sentence stories a trial run till October, and this is the next one! The work of the week is NET , posted by girlontheedge. I chose to write about someone with an unspecified mental illness, take from it what you will

There are days when I get up and everything is wrong and I am teetering on a high wire without a safety net. On these days people can see that I am not okay, and they buzz around full of endless suggestions that only make me feel more off-balance.

Then there are the days when I get up and it’s as if the wire never existed and I walk sure footed with my head held high, a smile on my face.  On these days people see that I am fine, and they think that it is over, and that if I try hard enough that I can always be this way.

What they cannot see is that the wire never really goes away and the difference is just that some days balancing is easy so I can play a person, but the rest I am doing everything I can just to keep from falling off.  

They do not understand that this change they see is even harder for me because I am walking the high wire without a safety net and every step I take could be the easiest or hardest of my life and I do not know which it will be until I am already taking it.