General Fiction- Slice of Life and Drama

Home to my general fiction, these are little slice of life stories.

A Life on the Silver Screen

Hello hello, and welcome to this week’s six-sentence story, based on the word of the week SCREEN. I revisited a character from the week WRAP, who was making their debut film. Follow our narrator 32 years later as she looks back on her life of fame, and asks the hard questions. It had been 33…

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Making the Magic Circle

Hello hello, and welcome to this week’s six-sentence story, written for the word of the week TENSION.  I tool this one and used the crafting version of this word and came up with a bittersweet 6.  Follow our narrator, as she attempts a craft for her daughter. Anymore than that would spoil it all… She…

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The Bacchae- A Contemporary Adaptation

Hello hello and welcome to this week’s short story, which was written for The Writer’s Mess challenge of writing a Greek Myth adaptation. I decided to write about Dionysus, and do a contemporary take on The Bacchae. It’s a little odd, and in first person, which you will see again for my Norse Myth post…

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High Expectations

Hello hello, and welcome to this week’s six, based on the word of the week LOUNGE. I took this to mean chaise lounge, and thought back to the classic cartoon therapist. Follow our narrator as they go to counselling for the first time, and well, you’ll have to read it to know more. Hope you…

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50 Shades

Hello Hello and welcome to microfiction Monday, this weeks prompt was “Write a Fable”, which I absolutely fell in love with. Follow Fanny as she experiences her justice system from the side of the defendent, I will say it is not as saucy as the title implies, and the following trigger warnings apply: Murder, Attempted…

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