Six-Sentence Stories

Welcome to the short stories section of this nook. Here the works will range from 500-5000 words. if you are looking for something shorter, try the Microfiction, or Six-Sentence Stories pages.


This was written for the six sentence story word prompt of the week VIDEO by girlontheedge. I wanted to focus it on ADHD for ADHD awareness month, and ended up with this, which is a self portrait in parts, but I think i pieces of it are relatable even if you aren’t on the spectrum. … Continue reading Banana’s

Wolf! Wolf!

Okay, so this week’s six requires a gore warning. The word was fountain, provided by girlontheedge, and from starting my writing this week on twitters #trickortweet, I started in the horror mind frame. The language is a little inconsistent, but I felt trying to fix the end would ruin it, so I let it go. … Continue reading Wolf! Wolf!

Tantrum in Aisle Three

This was written for the girlontheedge prompt Handle, to which I wrote a six sentence story about someone flying off the handle and wrote Karen with a twist, going a little more into the psyche of the character, and allude to something more being at play. It was as if I was outside myself, watching … Continue reading Tantrum in Aisle Three


This one was written as a response to the six-sentence challenge by girlontheedge. This weeks word was METHOD, and I used it in a thriller style six, with a bit of a twist at the end. I like this weeks, it was a little less introspective than usual, but also a bit lighter as well…. … Continue reading Impulse

The Calling

So I mess this post up a little today, and forgot that it was set to go out automatically. This is based on girlontheedge’s weekly six sentence story prompt: Island. I was thinking mythological when I wrote it, but you could interpret it more than one way. I don’t need a shell to hear the … Continue reading The Calling


So the main comment about last week’s six, seemed to be “What happens next”, so this week’s response to girlontheedge’s prompt DEAL is the continuation of what happened next. While I think this would stand alone, here is a link to last week’s six: Fugue. She took the small bag of her belongings back from … Continue reading Aftermath


Ok, so this is the Six-sentence story of the week based on nebulous from girlontheedge. I completely forgot about posting this, and linking it, even though I wrote it Sunday night. Grammar is a little choppy, but I didn’t get back to do a full edit, and it felt like I would have to start … Continue reading Fugue


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