Short Stories

Welcome to the short stories section of this nook. Here the works will range from 500-5000 words. if you are looking for something shorter, try the Microfiction, or Six-Sentence Stories pages.

For the Greater Good!

So this one is based on the idea of “For the Greater Good.” It’s dark, and somewhat violent. See end notes and tags for more warnings. I am running a little light on saved content. Starting in the new year I am switching the short stories to biweekly posting for my own sanity. I may … Continue reading For the Greater Good!

The Grand Canyon

This is a short story based on a prompt someone shared that went something like “If heartbreak creates a hole in your heart, describe the grand canyon.” This is one of the pieces I am not happy with. I feel like its a summary of a longer work, and I can’t quite get past that … Continue reading The Grand Canyon


I wrote this one for the reedsy prompt. “Write a story where a meal or dinner goes horribly wrong.” It is the story of Ellie, who is Aro/Ace and walks into the worst dinner party ever with some well intentioned but rather ignorant family members. Ellie was running late.  She had considered canceling when she realized, … Continue reading Ambush

The Madness of Faerie

This started as a prompt to write a YA synopsis and and NA synopsis. It morphed into the story of what happened after the first book I think. So its set between two novels I haven’t written about a young girl with early onset schizophrenia. I did do some research on Schizophrenia before I wrote … Continue reading The Madness of Faerie

Infinite Regrets

Ok, so after some evaluation I decided to keep this a little more vague. It’s what I would call an urban fantasy, with something very old looking back to how it got to where it is now, downtown in a major city people watching. Its a little sad, and a bit depressing, but kind of … Continue reading Infinite Regrets

The Magician

I wrote this for the prompt “Write about a reluctant party-goer who ends up being the star of the show.” My take was a teenage who was being forced to attend his six year old cousin’s birthday party instead of a pool party. “I don’t want to go mom.”   “I didn’t ask you if … Continue reading The Magician

The Escape

This one was an entry for the prompt “Start your story with someone sitting on a crowded train and end it with them looking out over beautiful natural scenery.” and I wrote it while using an ambient noise tool so that I could hear the noise of the train. Its dark, there is implied … Continue reading The Escape


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