Short Stories

Welcome to the short stories section of this nook. Here the works will range from 500-5000 words. if you are looking for something shorter, try the Microfiction, or Six-Sentence Stories pages.

A Work of Fiction

After much consideration, I am going to continue posting my six sentence stories weekly, but my short stories and micro fiction are going to move to a biweekly schedule or the rest of the year so I can accommodate other projects. I finished my first novel last year, and would like to focus on getting … Continue reading A Work of Fiction

Katherine the Great

I will be honest here, no memory of writing this, but it seems a wonderful choice to post right at the New Year. I am not a resolution type of girl, and sometimes I think people need to work a little more on being happy with who they are, rather than trying to become someone … Continue reading Katherine the Great

Countdown is On!

The year is almost over and this number is a little warning to be careful on deciding who to kiss at midnight. A little bit of comedy as the hopeless romantic goes for that all important midnight kiss at the office new years party. Now overly dark, but my brand of twisted comedy. See you … Continue reading Countdown is On!

My Family Vacation

Ok, so this one I will admit is utterly ridiculous. It started as a response the the prompt “a lie getting out of control” and mixed with a little lingering spite I had for a company I once worked at that preferentially gave people vacation based on their family status instead of their seniority. You … Continue reading My Family Vacation

A Wish for Christmas

Ok, so I want to say this is happy, but I think that would be giving false expectations. Maybe sappy would be better, a little cliche Christmas story. It does have a happy ending, and it is not incredibly dark or imply anyone died, so I I liked it. That said, I made myself cry. … Continue reading A Wish for Christmas


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