Welcome to the Microfiction section of this nook. Here the works will be under 500 words. if you are looking for something longer, try the Short Stories page, or if you are looking for something that is a little different look at the Six-Sentence Stories.

No Silver Linings…

While there are exceptions, on the whole it seems that children don’t quite kid the way they used to. I was disappointed by this at Halloween, and then further surpised by in when babysitting a friends child. Makes me wonder what fiction will look like in 20 years… I remember being a kid and listening … Continue reading No Silver Linings…

The Mash

It seems that this is the month of looking backward, with a sense of nostalgia. I must say that childhood just isn’t quite what it used to be, and I see that every year at halloween where it makes me just a little bit sad. It was an old song, but a favorite of mine. … Continue reading The Mash

The Last Petal

Hello and welcome to this weeks Friday Picture Prompt response. This one is a follow-up/ AU ending to a tale as old as time. What is a certain curse ended a different way. Follow our man or well, monster, as a rose goes up in smoke. He watched as the rose began to evaporate, his … Continue reading The Last Petal

They Came at Night

This weeks response to The Writer’s Mess Friday Picture Prompt is a little odd, as the image makes me think of ink monsters. So I went with it, and you can read along with the story of a man who didn’t believe, and got everything he asked for… He lit the candle, and said the … Continue reading They Came at Night


Welcome to this weeks response to the Friday Picture Prompt on The Writer’s Mess. This week the picture was of a calligraphy pen, with a single dot of what looks like black ink on a white surface. I chose to interpret this as blood, under strange lighting, and made what could be a continuation of … Continue reading Binding


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