Welcome to the Microfiction section of this nook. Here the works will be under 500 words. if you are looking for something longer, try the Short Stories page, or if you are looking for something that is a little different look at the Six-Sentence Stories.

Please Step Aside

This little one shot was for a prompt where location and movement was important. I know during the pandemic many businesses made a rule that you had to stand six feet apart between customers, but even before this the thing where people stand behind you and breathe down your neck drives me absolutely nuts. Personal … Continue reading Please Step Aside


This is a story based on the idea of the road not taken, and the six-sentence story prompt of PATH by girl on the edge.  It is the story of a woman looking to adopt a second child deciding whether or not to take in a six-year-old girl that will change her life forever. The … Continue reading Divergence

In Dreams

Today’s work is a challenge response to many challenges, and I think it turned out better than I expected overall. This is the story of a person who wants to get away from it all, and dreams about their ideal home. I don’t want to spoil it, but if you have read any of my … Continue reading In Dreams

A Step Out of Time

This is another Flashfiction February Piece, where the challenge was to convey an emotion without actually naming it. I went to a dark place with it, and tried to verbalize a struggle that many experience. I want to say more, but I feel like it would spoil it. Check the tags if you don’t want … Continue reading A Step Out of Time

Forever Yours

This was a micro fiction challenge, under 250 words, but written in the form of letters. It was supposed to be a challenge in terms of character voice, and I am not sure I nailed it, but these are two unsent letters. It’s another one that is not so happy. Sorry guys, Greg, You are … Continue reading Forever Yours

The Hidden Room

This was another microfiction challenge, to do exposition only. I ended up with this odd little piece that I desperately want to use as the prologue to a novel or novella about this hidden room. It calls to me, and maybe someday I will get back to it, but for now… Also Welcome to Camp … Continue reading The Hidden Room


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