Welcome to the Microfiction section of this nook. Here the works will be under 500 words. if you are looking for something longer, try the Short Stories page, or if you are looking for something that is a little different look at the Six-Sentence Stories.

The Forbidden Fruit

Okay, so even I have to admit I am not sure what the inspiration for this was. Something of a deal with death going on here, took me a while to figure out where the pomegranates combined with that. Side note, surprisingly large amount of info on pomegranates on google, apparently there is speculations that … Continue reading The Forbidden Fruit

Winter Wonderland

Hello, and Happy New Year to All! New Year, Same Me, and just as dark and depressing, sorry if you were expecting something else. I saw the picture below and wrote something disturbing, about a woman out in the cold, knowing she can’t stop moving. It’s just as dark and creepy as it sounds… based … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Perfect Match

What you may notice this year is a prevailing theme of murder in my stories. I was watching Prodigal Son, Criminal Minds, and Perception when I was writing a lot of my stuff up and apparently it sunk in. If murder isn’t your thing, look for murder in the tags. This one is a “murder … Continue reading Perfect Match


So this one was a little play on the New Years Resolution. There is always someone I know that is announcing “New Year, New Me” and I have this petty part of me that wants to write them all down and announce them later in the year, maybe at their Birthday or the following Christmas. … Continue reading Resolute

The Little Death

If you are thinking La petitie mort, you barking up the wrong tree here. This one is a microfiction about someone hiding out in the washroom at a holiday party. I tried to stay bright and happy for a whole month, but oh well….Ironically this will come out the day after my own office holiday … Continue reading The Little Death

Destination Holiday

I made the prompt for this one on the Writer’s Mess. I was thinking happy destination christmas, Mele Kalikimaka, and instead got an unhappy woman freshly divorced and mourning the idea of her husband and the loss of the extended family. I wish I could say the next one would be happier, but apparently I … Continue reading Destination Holiday


Okay, so this one was written in fit of pique about someone a little overwhelmed. It’s a composite of several different events that I put together, and gave the narrator a very frantic, very overwhelming schedule. Maybe written a little out of guilt for ignoring someone when I maybe shouldn’t have. And the idea that … Continue reading Oxygen


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