Welcome to the Microfiction section of this nook. Here the works will be under 500 words. if you are looking for something longer, try the Short Stories page, or if you are looking for something that is a little different look at the Six-Sentence Stories.


This was a 250 word piece written based on the picture below, a large number of alpine horns. I wrote from the perspective of someone experiencing sensory issues in relation to them. She flinched as she stepped into the station.  It was silent, but she knew the horror that awaited her.  It wasn’t the subway’s … Continue reading Cacophony

My World

This tiny horror fic was inspired by the scene of a young girl laying in a field of flowers in a blue dress day dreaming. I am sure you know the one I am not mentioning explicitly. It quickly took a very dark turn. She lay in the field, eyes closed, the sun warm on … Continue reading My World

Hear Me Roar

So this was based on a song that I accidentally set as my alarm for two months. Which is very random I know, but bonus points if you can guess the song in question. She looked down at the diploma in her hand, and she knew she had made it. The job she had waiting … Continue reading Hear Me Roar

House For Sale

So this is another Jimmie prompt that I wrote some time back, but got pushed in posting due to camp nanowrimo, and then my August event. It was based on the picture below, and once again my microfiction is horror, is it just me or does the genre call for it? She stepped into the … Continue reading House For Sale

Mr. Right

This was another Jimmie prompt inspired by the picture below. I took this, and of course, made it dark and twisted. Please note this contains descriptions of an abusive relationship and may be triggering to some. On the surface he was perfect. Tall, strong, handsome, with money and personality to spare.  He was a catch … Continue reading Mr. Right


Ok, so it looks like I am officially doing weekly posts for the Microfiction Mondays, please note that like the short stories this could lapse into biweekly at any time. This microfiction was to base a story in an apartment in the middle of the afternoon. it got dark, fast, and its got a death … Continue reading Order

The Marking of Marks

This was for the final week of The Writer’s Mess challenge, odd celebrations. I chose the picture prompt below, and melded it a little with some good old fashioned parental bribery. Where a mother makes up a special celebration to make sure her daughter succeeds where she did not. There was never a lot of … Continue reading The Marking of Marks


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