Welcome to the Microfiction section of this nook. Here the works will be under 500 words. if you are looking for something longer, try the Short Stories page, or if you are looking for something that is a little different look at the Six-Sentence Stories.


Okay, so this one was written in fit of pique about someone a little overwhelmed. It’s a composite of several different events that I put together, and gave the narrator a very frantic, very overwhelming schedule. Maybe written a little out of guilt for ignoring someone when I maybe shouldn’t have. And the idea that … Continue reading Oxygen

Shut Up and Dance!

So this one is a little dark ficlet that is related to the short story I posted last week, which I am going to link below. It’s about a guy who meets a girl at a club that seems way too good to be true. I know that seems to be a theme of mine, … Continue reading Shut Up and Dance!

Blocked Writing

Oh my, I just realized I never made this post. I am so sorry, this has become a victim of Nanowrimo. The great news is my Nano is going well, at the half way point I am past the 70% mark. This is something I wrote during nano, about writing. Those of us who are … Continue reading Blocked Writing


This was utter nonsense inspired by friend explaining how they got that burn on their face when they took off their mask at lunch. It was more amusing than anything else, and I would have edited something more substantial, but Sunday just kicked me in the pants. It was cool in my hand, and I … Continue reading Lava


I will start by saying I might be a bit slow to respond this month, as I am participating in Nanowrimo. I want to pretend that this one was inspired by some sense of justice or the karmic wheel, but in the end I came home from work angry and sad after working some overtime … Continue reading Balance


This week I am posting stories that go for #aceweek. I wrote this initially for a contest that called for 300 word queer stories based on the word ink. I came up with the idea of trancedental ink, which is in line with the idea of soulmate marks, but marks taken by choice, and how … Continue reading Transcendence

Make a Wish!

This is less than 250 word story based on a picture and I hate it. I decided to post it anyways because there comes a point when you just need to stop looking at a piece and put it out there… It started as a single shooting star, and a wish. Every day was a … Continue reading Make a Wish!


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