Fantasy…And Science Fiction

The fantasy goes on below, this includes all the magic, faeries, and mystical creatures…There is also my science fiction, because there isn’t much of it, and I didn’t want to start a whole new page.

The Death of Baldur – Sci-Fi Version

Hello hello, and welcome to the short story of the week, which was written for the Mythological March Event on The Writer’s Mess. This piece is for Week 3, Norse Myths, where the goal is to take one of the Norse Myths and re-imagine it. I took “The Death of Baldur” and re-imagined it as…

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50 Shades

Hello Hello and welcome to microfiction Monday, this weeks prompt was “Write a Fable”, which I absolutely fell in love with. Follow Fanny as she experiences her justice system from the side of the defendent, I will say it is not as saucy as the title implies, and the following trigger warnings apply: Murder, Attempted…

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Hello hello, and welcome to this week’s six-sentence story, where the word of the week is ZEST.  I knew it had other meanings, but I immediately thought back to the confusion I felt the first time I read a recipe requiring lemon zest and wanted to work some of that confusion in here.  Follow along…

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Travelling Alone

Hello Hello and welcome to my sci-fi micro fiction based on the prompt: Write about a character travelling. This follows the story of Gem, who is travelling alone for the first time and has some anxiety about it. The goal was to work in the worldbuilding. *Note, I am going back to bi-weekly updating for…

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The Tale of the Travelling Bard – Part Three

Welcome to the final part of The Tale of the Travelling Bard. In this one Danny fulfils his father’s dying wish, and tells the man a story that no one before has heard, and one one will ever hear after. Settle in for the revelation of Danny’s darkest secret. As my Father lay on his…

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