Ending Two: The End of the Line

Reminder Content Warnings- Dark, Crime, Disturbing.

Her instincts started screaming at the realization, it was too good to be true.  She gave an awkward smile and turned desperately, making eye contact with Kelly, who came over and rescued her.  Ariana sat at a table in the corner, alone, drinking expensive, perfect drinks until a few hours later, another guy approached her. 

This one was dressed well, but not quite as overly perfect as the first guy she talked to.  He looked a little generic to be honest, medium height, average build, brown hair, brown eyes, and she decided what the hell.   “Hi, I’m Ariana.”  She said, a little too loudly.

He grinned back, “David, would you like to dance?” He asked, and she was just lubricated enough that she went with it.  They danced for what felt like forever and when she felt like she was about to drop, he pulled her off the floor.   “Let me get you a drink.”

He came back a minute later with a Singapore Sling for her, far more her speed, and a beer for himself.  They drank as they chatted, and Ariana was glad she had taken the chance for once.  She however had imbibed a little too much, as her head had started to swim.

She cringed a little as he noticed, but he didn’t seem to mind.  “I don’t know about you, but I think I have had a little too much of this place.  There is an all-night coffee place, just on the next street over.  I don’t want this night to end.” He smiled again, and she melted. 

He steadied her as they walked out of the club, and she gave a thumbs up at the questioning faces of her friends.  They walked out giggling, and Ariana was starting to think she might have to turn down the coffee. Now that she was moving again the alcohol was really hitting her. 

“Here, we can cut through here, the shop is just on the other side.”  David said, tugging her a little, and then catching her as she stumbled.  “Yaa, we need to get some coffee in you,” He joked, and they were half way down the alley when the next wave hit her.  She felt her head swim, and lurched forward hitting the ground, and knew no more.

“And that’s how it happened.  Ariana Melores, the sixth victim of the Midtown Murderer was killed in an alley less than ten minutes after having last been seen by her friends at the club.  Witnesses could only give the vaguest descriptions of the killer, and it would take another eight victims before police had enough to generate the composite sketch that ultimately led to his arrest.  In total the Midtown Murderer killed 17 young woman in the area before he was caught, but Ariana Morales was by far the most brutal of the lot.   I am Tony Benedict, and you are listening to my true crimes podcast “That’s How They Died”.  Click below to subscribe, and be safe out there!”

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