Such a Small Thing…

This one started as a challenge to use certain words, and I suspect if will be easy to guess which ones. I ended up using some inspiration of the talking book from a care bears movie and a gem with amazing powers. Its incredibly strange, and I think raises more questions about what is going on than it answered.

Nicholas tried to give the signal, but he what came out was a wheeple, and Ken didn’t know that they weren’t alone. There was spy, an eavesdropper, an outacust surveying them. He whispered this to Sarah, but she just frowned. You need to get rid of the word-a-day calendar Nicholas, was what she whispered back. Her whistle came out smooth, too smooth, and there was no way of playing off this whistle as a bird, which while informative, was just as bad as Nicholas’s failure.

The eavesdropper fled, but dropped more than eaves as they did so. While Sarah ran after them, Nicholas faltered, transfixed by the small piece of gold lying on ground by the wall. It looked, like a cross of sorts, smallish, like the whole thing would fit in the palm of his hand. The gold may have been what drew his attention, but it was the the gem at the center that kept it, a cerulific light emanating from ut seemed to draw him in.

It was like it was begging him to pick it up, to touch it, and as his hand got closer he could feel the warmth the blue light was giving off. He could almost hear it calling him, calling his name. Nicholas, Niiicchhhoolllaas, it was if it knew him, wanted him, and he could hear Sarah shouting, but assumed it was at their rather elusive spy.

When his fingers finally made contact with the gem, it was like being struck by lightning. Then everything was different, and Sarah, oh, god, Sarah had turned into a GIANT. He turned and fled tripping over too many limbs, and he was only just beginning to realize he had a tail when he was skewered. The last thing he saw the was face a giant cat, and he wondered how such a small thing had made everything so very large.

Last Minute

I am typically an early shopper and avoid the mall like the plague in December. I have however, played the good friend, and been stuck there the week before Christmas, wanting to murder everyone in sight. This one goes out to all the early shoppers, who still ended up at the mall at Christmas.

The soft strains of Christmas music were still strangely audible over the din of the mall, two days before the event it’s self, and she wanted to murder her friend.

Anna had bought her gifts, on-line, in November, and what she bought at the mall, she bought soon after, knowing that this was the chaos she would be facing. It was her dearest, soon to be late, friend Kiara, who was the reason that they were here. Asking, please, Ann, come with me, I need your help picking out a gift for Frank.

She didn’t need my to help pick out a gift for Frank, she knew what she was getting him. She knew what she was getting all the people on her list. She just needed back up, someone to help by holding her coffee, and bags as she ran in and out of stores. Keeping her place in the mega line as she ran around grabbing things so that when she was done shopping I was at the till.

The good news was, that this was a one time deal. She wouldn’t pull this on me next time And of course that I could use this to emotionally blackmail her into everything else I wanted her to do all year. #bff

The High Road

This was my take on the six-sentence story prompt “Guide” for this week. I went with a take on a person who got someone they really disliked in the office secret santa, and what they chose to do about it. This one was based on my secret Santa at work, where I was really glad I didn’t get one specific person, and what I would have done if I got them.

I wanted to let my conscience be my guide, but I also kind of wanted to buy a crappy gift because I got the office asshole as my secret Santa.

I looked at gag gifts, bad gifts, stupid gifts, then I set them all aside thinking that this wasn’t the kind of behavior I wanted to encourage, and he was just the type to take it as a one up kind of challenge.

I decided instead to kill him with kindness, and recalling an old picture on his desk of him as a kid with an older woman, and the way he brushed it off, I went to work. It took a few distrusting trips to his cubicle to get a better look at the scarves they were wearing in the picture, but I got the pattern, spent my 20$ in yarn, and knitted all my seething resentment away into a scarf that I wrapped perfectly.

On the day of the exchange, he opened my gift, and I braced myself, waiting for the off color comments, the inappropriate gestures, and instead was rewarded with a gruff thank you, and him stalking from the room. As he later told me, voice choked with tears, he had lost the scarf from the picture, knitted by his late grandmother, less than a week prior, and I was so glad I had chosen the high road.

Too Good to Be True…

You guys are going to have to be a little patient with me tonight, I am doing something a little different this week for the birthday theme event on The Writer’s Mess. I wrote the story of a girl at a bar based on the picture below, and its a choose your own ending type story. The first one happy, and the second one dark and creepy. Choose wisely. Or read both.

“What’ll it be?”  The bartender asked, and she was frozen with indecision.  

It hadn’t been her idea to go out drinking, and this place was so outside her price range that she thought the bouncer was going to toss her on that alone.  Her outfit was similar to those around her in appearance, but to someone with a keen eye it was a mimicry at best, lacking in the designer labels that everyone else was wearing.

Really, if Kelly hadn’t pulled out her little 3000$ purse and tried to bribe the man, Ariana didn’t think she would have been let in.   The bouncer hadn’t taken the money, but when Kelly explained that it was Ariana’s birthday, and they were taking her out on the town, and please let them in, the bouncer wavered.

The look he gave Ariana was embarrassing, laden with the understanding that she was there on their charity.  What was worse is that Kelly didn’t even catch it.  She legitimately thought that the trouble was the fact they were being so “rowdy” in line. 

Ariana took a deep breath and tried to put that behind her.   She was here now, and she might as well enjoy it.  Kelly and Anna had opened them a tab and made it clear to the bartender that Ariana was not to pay for her own drinks, and then flounced off to the dance floor where pretty boys had seemingly materialized from nowhere and were no doubt offering to buy them drinks.

That kind of thing had never happened to Ari, until it did.  “I will have a pina colada, and one for the lady, unless she wants something different?” She flushed, nodding at the bartender’s raised eyebrow and turned to look at her saviour.  She wanted to gape, but hoped he didn’t notice.

This man was gorgeous.  He was every girlhood fantasy she had ever had and more.  His brown curls framed his face perfectly, as he stood there a few inches taller than her, and filled out his ridiculously expensive clothing in a way that showed her he was fit, but not a gym rat.

“Thanks,” she said awkwardly, fighting the urge to cross her arms over her own cheap shirt.

He smiled, and oh, God, it only got better. “Always happy to rescue a damsel in distress.  I will admit the first time I came here I was bit overwhelmed myself.”  Fuck, he his Australian accent was amazing, and she knew how this was ending. 

Shit, it was her turn to talk. “Uh, ya.  Having the slogan ‘We will make anything your heart desire’s’ is on theme, but I don’t think anyone realized the downsides to having no menu.”  She babbled, where was her drink?

He laughed, and it was smooth, and fuck was this man perfect or what.  The drinks arrived, huge, bearing actual fruit and brightly colored umbrellas like they were at a tropical resort, and as she leaned forward taking a tiny sip she almost moaned.  It was perfect, everything here was absolutely perfect. It was all too good to be true.

Ending One- All’s Well that Ends Well: Content Warnings – None

Ending Two- End of the Line : Content Warnings – Dark, Disturbing, Crime