This weeks six was based on girlontheedge’s prompt RESTORE, and it got weird. I just watched a video of a guy being all the Asian action movie character cliches, and the guy said restore family honor like 12 times in 2 minutes and that stuck, so I ended up with this, piece about revenge.

I would love to say that this was an epic quest to restore the honor of my family, and while that may be the result at its core this was a quest of revenge pure and simple.

I wasn’t angry that she stole our designs, it was a cutthroat business, and if we got our designs stolen we deserved to get them stolen for not having better security. Actually I was a little angry that she had stolen our designs, but she could have just used them, quietly put her design out a week early and let us spin out wheels.

What she did was worse, she edited them, made it look like we stole the design, and were trying to pass off shitty copies of her work as she own, making us look not only like thieves, but dumb ones at that.

There was no legal avenue that would repair our reputation, and every denial sounded like a confirmation that what they were saying was true and so here I was, personally breaking into her private server trying to dig up the worst dirt I could to ruin her.

When I found it, oh it was glorious, like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one and I spread it far and wide because she ruined my family, and people who kept shit like this on their work servers after discrediting the competition deserved everything they got!


Ok, so I am going to start by saying this is in no way autobiographical. All of my posts this week are part of asexual awareness (acceptance) week, and while this is not my story, I think it is probably someone out there’s story, and apparently I was inspired in a strange direction. Oh and this was based on the girlontheedge six sentence story prompt of keepsake.

She kept the ring as a keepsake of the time before she knew that she was not broken, and that there were others out there like her.

She, like so many others, had been raised on princess’ and happily ever afters, and even though she had been raised to be self sufficient, those around her often waited for a man to help grace her life with meaning.

She had tried to accommodate them, but six month’s after she had said yes, the idea of being with George for the rest of her life gave her a shudder of disgust each time she thought the thought.

It wasn’t fair to her to go through with it, and even more importantly it wasn’t fair to George, sweet devoted George, who deserved someone to want him the way she never would.

She explored after George, after all, she knew she didn’t want George, but there were other people she could want, other things, and she fell into a spiral of desperation each thing she sampled becoming a little more desperate as each one failed to fit, going through life feeling increasingly like a square peg being told the world was full of circles.

She made herself small, small enough to go through life as a square masquerading as a circle, and it was another ten years after George before she saw the flag with it’s grey and black, and understood while at one percent she was among the minority, that meant there were millions of them, and all of a sudden a square didn’t seem to bad.

Grand Prize Winner

This six-sentence-story was written for girlontheedge’s weekly challenge, the word of choice was TREATMENT. I have to admit, I struggled a bit with this one. My first thought of course was medical treatment and I just wasn’t in the mood to go there this week, so instead I chose a spa treatment, and for once I didn’t want my story to be an everything that can go wrong does, so I went another route, with a dude bro at the spa.

It sounded pretty weird for a dude, a full weekend spa treatment, but his was the name that had been drawn.   He hadn’t really wanted to do it, but there was something about the assumption that he should just give his prize away that irked him, because they didn’t ask Gail to give up her prize where the intended recipient was obviously supposed to be a guy.

So he was standing in this swanky spa, in a bathrobe, trying to pretend like this was something he was into, like this was something good.  It didn’t stop being weird either, through the mud bath, the scrub, the manicure, pedicure, shave, facial, the eyebrow thing, the hair conditioning, the hair cut, and even the massage.

He relaxed a little though and decided to go with it, even though it felt strange, like something that he shouldn’t be indulging in, after all, this wasn’t something that was meant for him.   It was only as he caught sight of himself in a mirror on the way out of the hotel that he reconsidered, as he did a double take, not recognizing the smiling, well groomed man in the mirror, and he wondered if maybe chicks were onto something with this who spa weekend deal.


This was written for the six sentence story word prompt of the week VIDEO by girlontheedge. I wanted to focus it on ADHD for ADHD awareness month, and ended up with this, which is a self portrait in parts, but I think i pieces of it are relatable even if you aren’t on the spectrum.

She pressed the back button on the video for the third time, and yet again was distracted from seeing the critical moment unwind. By the time she finally managed to watch the ten seconds that inspired a wave of gasps and applause, its impact was overshadowed the irritation of taking ten minutes to watch a two-minute clip.

She sat hyper-focused on the computer, in part to ignore the disaster that surrounded her.  The garbage overflowing, the sink somehow full again, and the fridge that sat either empty or full of food gone bad, depending if she had emptied it, or just thought about emptying it.

She went back to her doom scrolling, and threw a song on her phone, set to repeat, and listened for the following hour as she browsed.  She finally got up for a snack, when hunger overwhelmed her indecision on what to eat, and found ingredients sitting on the counter, and remembered with a start, that she had sat down to look up the recipe for banana bread.