Final Destination

Today’s six sentence story is late, and if you read it, you will get an idea of why.   Follow our narrator who is just trying to have something good happen today, when life seems to want to get in the way.  This one is based on the word truck.

If you had asked me this morning where I was going to end up, I can guarantee you one thing, and that is that this wouldn’t have been on my list, let alone my top ten.

I started the day fresh, clear, a little optimistic, and then reality decided to hit me like a truck, not a little fancy city truck, I mean like the one from that movie carrying logs, ready to mess you up.

I tried to carry on, to wear the smile, do the work, but the impending doom, impending, because doom was announced, for maybe later, for some people, could be you, maybe not, and it was worse than just getting it over with right then and there.

Customer service didn’t help the situation, because yes, we did lock your account, because it wasn’t secure, no it wasn’t breached, we just didn’t like your password, so we locked it, and had it time out every time you tried to fix it, but you can get a free upgrade.

Oh, well, yes, it’s actually worse hardware and service, but it’s shiny, new, lacking in all the features you use regularly, and it’s the exact same thing the other guy is offering, but we pride ourselves on our service, well, not in your area, it does seem to be in a bit of a dead zone, isn’t it.

The day couldn’t be all bad though, if only I could try and get this arithmetically challenged person to stop trying to explain to me how my math is wrong, when it isn’t, I could even get a chance to write a story for my weekly challenge before I go to bed and do it all again tomorrow, but it probably will have to wait till next week…


Not Prince Charming…

This week’s six sentence story is inspired by the word of the week FORGE. At first I thought metal, blacksmithing, because I have done that, and then I went in a completely different direction, specifically forgery. Follow our narrator as they look for love, and have some interesting experiences with online dating. While it isn’t exactly fluff, this one is a lot lighter than my usual entries, so enjoy without warnings.

I was young, okay looking, smart, and I had a bit of a warped sense of humor, but I was starting to wonder what was wrong with me that I attracted this kind of guy.

I had three friends review my profile after the second foot fetishist, because while I roll with your kink is not my kink and that’s okay, I had to know if there was something seriously wrong there, that was giving out a vibe that I was into the weird dudes.

My mom said I just had too high of standards, that I was looking for the perfect Disney prince, but since I had never given her the full story, she didn’t know that my last few dates had included an unemployed mime, a guy who used me as a ride downtown for a job interview, and a guy who apparently only took the date because he thought my hobby of painting would somehow translate into me being able to forge travel documents for him.

Today’s prospect chewed with his mouth open, not like a little while covering it with his hand as he spoke, I mean there was food actually falling out of his mouth, back onto his plate, and the ease at which he scooped it back in let me know that this was a fairly common occurrence.

I tried to mask my horror, but something must have shown, because my waiter told me I had an urgent call, and since no one knew that I was here, I had either obtained a stalker, or this was a kind generous soul who was trying to rescue me from having to find my own way to wriggle out of the date from hell.

Our eyes met as I went to thank him near the door, and it was like a scene in a movie where time just seems to stand still, then rush by all at once, my date yelling across the restaurant to see if everything was okay, so I fled the scene with a phone number in my hand, a promise of better dates to come.


Despite how it may read, I have no issues with online dating, though one of these men is based on a real online dating experience a friend had, I will let you guess which one.


Hello Hello and welcome to what should have been a weird, but ultimately funny story. It was originally inspired by the image below from and if you haven’t checked out their stuff, do, it’s absolute gold. Of course, me being me, took a light hearted story and just absolutely destroyed it, and oh my god, read the tags if you are easily triggered, because this one is a doozy.

I hated the way Joey didn’t shut the god damned cupboard doors after he opened them, and it was like he did it on purpose lately.

He’s been doing a lot of things like that recently, wiping his toothpaste on the good towels, dropping his laundry beside the hamper instead of in it, putting his dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher, and I am his wife, not his mother, and he is old enough to clean up after himself.

 We had a big fight about it a while back, and I stormed out of the house, angry, and well, I tried to apologize for the leaving, not the argument, because he needs to grow up, but he is being a fucking child, and he won’t even look at me anymore.

I should be the bigger person, I should let it go, but I can’t, not after giving in so many times, not after forgiving him even before the bruises had faded.  Maybe I should just go, maybe this time he would let me go, and not come after me. Maybe this time I could move on from him, and find someone who isn’t so angry all the time, who isn’t such an asshole.

All that anger though, it fades away when I see him, sitting on the bed, night after night, crying, looking at my picture, and I know he is sorry for all of it.  If only he would apologize, look at me, and tell me I am forgiven, maybe I could get over it and maybe, just maybe I could move on.