Hello Hello and welcome to what should have been a weird, but ultimately funny story. It was originally inspired by the image below from and if you haven’t checked out their stuff, do, it’s absolute gold. Of course, me being me, took a light hearted story and just absolutely destroyed it, and oh my god, read the tags if you are easily triggered, because this one is a doozy.

I hated the way Joey didn’t shut the god damned cupboard doors after he opened them, and it was like he did it on purpose lately.

He’s been doing a lot of things like that recently, wiping his toothpaste on the good towels, dropping his laundry beside the hamper instead of in it, putting his dishes in the sink instead of the dishwasher, and I am his wife, not his mother, and he is old enough to clean up after himself.

 We had a big fight about it a while back, and I stormed out of the house, angry, and well, I tried to apologize for the leaving, not the argument, because he needs to grow up, but he is being a fucking child, and he won’t even look at me anymore.

I should be the bigger person, I should let it go, but I can’t, not after giving in so many times, not after forgiving him even before the bruises had faded.  Maybe I should just go, maybe this time he would let me go, and not come after me. Maybe this time I could move on from him, and find someone who isn’t so angry all the time, who isn’t such an asshole.

All that anger though, it fades away when I see him, sitting on the bed, night after night, crying, looking at my picture, and I know he is sorry for all of it.  If only he would apologize, look at me, and tell me I am forgiven, maybe I could get over it and maybe, just maybe I could move on.

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