Making the Magic Circle

Hello hello, and welcome to this week’s six-sentence story, written for the word of the week TENSION.  I tool this one and used the crafting version of this word and came up with a bittersweet 6.  Follow our narrator, as she attempts a craft for her daughter. Anymore than that would spoil it all…

She stared down at the overworked piece of garbage in her sore hands, and was tempted to just give up and buy one on amazon, after all Tilly wouldn’t know.

She would know though, and of all the things Tilly had asked her for, asked Santa for that she wouldn’t be getting because money was tight, it was the stupid coasters were the thing Tilly had put as her most important request.

Chloe had a bunch of them, and was lording them over the other girls, making them the go to status symbol in their grade level.

Tilly didn’t understand that the other girls’ moms probably already knew how to crochet, weren’t working two jobs to make ends meet, and mostly say at home, so finding the time to hand make yarn owl coasters wasn’t a stretch for them, like it was for her.

Part of her wanted to tell Tilly she would have to accept that, but her daughter had already lost her father, her home, her old school, and all of her friends, so she couldn’t bear to tell her should couldn’t have this, not when she could afford it.

So she unravelled the lump in her lap, went back to the first YouTube video, “and this is how you hold the yarn to create tension,” it was going to be another long night, but it would be worth it Christmas morning.


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