Executing the Perfect Date

Hello hello and welcome to this week’s six sentence story, based on the word SILK. This one is not what it appears, and I recommend reading the tags if you get triggered, but if not, try reading it through, and enjoy the surprise. Follow our narrator as he plans and executes the perfect date night, candles and all.

It was strange how something small, something otherwise innocuous, can take up the entire brain, all of a person’s thoughts, and no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t let it go.

It was a small sliver of silk, but the second he saw it he knew that it was for him, that she had worn them for him, and he smiled because he knew how the date would end.

The dinner had gone off without a hitch, even after he had upgraded to roses and candlelight, because if she was going all out for this, then let it be said that he put in his half the effort.

Looking down at her, lying in the bed, it was all worth it, every minute of the waiting, the planning, all of it, was worth it, because it led to this.

She thrashed unseeing on the bed, his own sliver of silk obstructing her vision, and this was the best part, when she knew what was coming, but didn’t know when or how.

She didn’t see the light reflect off the edge of the blade, but she felt it, screaming around the gag until she couldn’t scream anymore, blood soaking the sheets, and he watched the thrashing slow, then stop, smiling at his masterpiece, thinking again, that this made it all worth while.


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