High Expectations

Hello hello, and welcome to this week’s six, based on the word of the week LOUNGE. I took this to mean chaise lounge, and thought back to the classic cartoon therapist. Follow our narrator as they go to counselling for the first time, and well, you’ll have to read it to know more. Hope you enjoy!

Sitting in the office, in a chair that was uncomfortably close to the person in front of me, I found myself disappointing by the experience, though I really couldn’t say why.

I mean, I wasn’t expecting to lay on a chaise lounge and talk about my childhood, but the somewhat dim lighting was creepy, and the Himalayan salt lamp was more distracting than anything else.

I was nodding along on autopilot, because I just realized I had stopped listening just long enough that I had no idea what we were talking about anymore, and for some reason I didn’t want to admit that, though it probably would have been helpful information for her to have.

I smiled, and nodded, the facsimile of normality so convincing, that along with my sky high grades, I was shuffled out not to long after, and told to contact them again if I was having difficulties.

I was having difficulties, my own inability to articulate difficulties being one of them, and it seemed that somewhere between what I was saying and what she was hearing there was a broken telephone line that was making everything seem A-OKAY.

I left discouraged, downtrodden, an hour wasted, with nothing more than an patronizing handout to show for it that looked like it belonged more in a kindergarten class than on a university campus, and I resolved to try counselling again next year.


5 thoughts on “High Expectations

  1. “…nodding along on autopilot.

    …somewhere between what I was saying and what she was hearing

    (Not that this ‘hop is a competition)… but, Damn! two ‘IWIWT’* in one Six

    * I Wish I Wrote That’

    fun Six.


  2. Counseling is like dating…you really have to find a good match if you want anything beyond surface connection.
    Very well done (as usual!).


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