Not Quite Silver Screen

Hello hello and welcome to this week’s response to the six-sentence story prompt WRAP.  I decided to go with the classic Hollywood version of the word, and tell the story of our narrator that just headlined a production disaster. 

I never thought I could be so relieved as I was when they yelled out, “That’s a wrap,” after two months of production hell.

It was a low budget film, which we all know, and why it was supposed to be done over three weekends, not the eight that it took, or the many days and evenings it took during my weeks.

Everything we shot, we reshot at a secondary location after flooding washed out the bridge we filmed our outdoor scenes at, then the building we rented for indoor scenes was condemned, and of course after we all lost so much weight from the food poisoning fiasco of weekend five that it became a continuity error.

Someone literally caught on fire, not like special effects fire, because our special effects were not that good, and while he ended up being okay, I was cold, tired and miserable, just wanting to go home.

What I did make, went towards paying overnights at a no-tell motel nearer to set after 12-hour days, and between that and the lost wages from missing my day job this had put me in the red rather than the black, not even including the next contract I would lose when they saw the weight change.

Sitting there on opening night though, it had been all worth it, because if the audience reaction was anything to go by, I had just starred in my first hit.

9 thoughts on “Not Quite Silver Screen

  1. After all the disaster, I am glad to hear the movie was a hit. I especially liked your description of the disaster of someone catching on fire and the phrase: “not like special effects fire, because our special effects were not that good”


  2. A blessing in disguise, then.

    A friend of ours, many years ago, made such a low budget film (without the fire, flood or food poisoning), and many of our friends were in it. It actually became a “cult classic” in Japan (it was a low-budget horror, which they tend to like) and the writer/producer/director/cameraman actually did end up with a small profit.

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