The Heavy Weight of Knowledge

Hello hello and welcome to this week’s six-sentence story, based on the word date.  I took this one and used it in a rather strange manner, but since it’s PG and fairly harmless, I am going to leave it at that.  Follow out narrator as she discovers the true nature of the item she has been sent to retrieve, and how knowledge can change everything.

She looked down at the package in horror, what in gods name was this abomination that she had been sent to collect?

She looked up, desperate, pleading with him to tell her that this was a mistake, that she had been given this in error, and that her quarry was elsewhere, but he was steadfast that this is what she had come for.

She paid the price demanded, heading home disgusted and disillusioned, wishing that she could unlearn what she had learned, and go back to her blissful ignorance.

Her last hope lay with her mother, that she had erred, and this had not been what she was sent to retrieve, but the smile on her mother’s face as she held out the offering destroyed that notion.

She went to her room to contemplate what she had seen, what it would mean for her, for her life going forward, and the betrayal she had suffered on that day.

The next day she stood staring down at the date squares, trying to decide if she would be able to stomach one, knowing now that they were made from a block of disgusting looking dried fruit, and for the first time she passed on her favorite dessert.


5 thoughts on “The Heavy Weight of Knowledge

  1. A very original take on the prompt. Yeah, sometimes it’s better not to know, lest love turn to hate.
    I like ’em mixed with walnuts & orange essence, btw!


  2. Echoing Denise for the ghastly ( see Se7en) What’s in the box? 😆

    Dates…love’ em. The common ones; King’s dates are not worth the 4x price.

    Unique, masterfully penned twist Six.


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