One False Step

Hello hello and welcome to this weeks Microfiction Monday a response to the adventure prompt on the Writer’s Mess, Write a piece under 300 words about a quester who doesn’t feel that the quest has changed them at all. Follow a friend of our quester that sees the changes wrought, only after the quest has ended.

She wished that she could turn back time, and pay a little more attention to him.

She wished that she had told him that this was real life, not a fantasy novel, and that he didn’t have to fit some sort of rigid character structure, that just because he was unchanged it didn’t mean that he was destined for the sacrifice play.

She wished that she had told him that even though he couldn’t see that he had changed, he had grown stronger, wiser, more empathetic, and that while she loved him before, he had become a man that she could fall in love with.

Looking down at her reflection in the glossy black surface of the casket, she flashed back to her reflection In the obsidian room on the tomb. He was by her side then, the relic secured in his trusty messenger bag, and they were on their way back out when the trap was triggered by a single misstep.

She had tripped, and it was over, she knew it would kill her to lift her foot, and if she pressed down any longer, the stone would sink low enough to trigger another. She looked up to say goodbye, and for a second when she saw the resolve in his eyes, she thought he had a plan.

He did have a plan, and she lay dazed, messenger bag in hand, watching him sink in her place before she realized It wasn’t a plan to rescue both of them.

The worst part was the smile on his face, the look of accomplishment, like this was the way it was always meant to be, and it was what made her wish that she could turn back time.


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