Hello Hello and welcome to the six sentence story of the week with the word bubble.  It is also a fill for round 3 of the genre prompt fantasy, where the challenge was to write under 300 words about someone doing something mundane but load it with world building to let us know it’s fantasy. Follow our narrator as they take a walk alone at dusk, enjoying being on their own.

She never loved the valley more than in the gloaming, when the dark hadn’t quite taken hold, but the orange light of the sun wasn’t distorting the colors.  Some flowers had already closed up, and the night dwellers had begun to open to be bathed in the light of the moon.

It was a dangerous time to be out, as most the predators in the valley with diurnal, and if Karoth was right, they might have a wyrm on the property, but he wasn’t worried though, her craft was strong, and the amulet she bore would protect her from any roving creatures.

It wasn’t just the beauty that brought her out at dusk, it was the one time that no one would notice her missing from the palace, with the staff too busy cleaning up from dinner, and her family all preparing for bed. 

If she were back within the hour for her nightly rite of purification, no one would even know that she had left, that she had risked the four kingdoms for a stroll alone, without the thoughts of other elves pressing into her head, displacing her own.

It was not a luxury she would be able to indulge in after the wedding, after her coronation, for there would always be someone beside her to keep her trapped in a bubble of safety, stopping her from doing more than simply existing, and so, for now, she walked though the valley in the gloaming, reveling in the tranquility of her solitude.


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