Ctrl + Shift + C

Hello hello, the word of the week is PASTE, and I was inspired in large part by a program asking me if I wanted to retain all the information on the clipboard after it closed. Follow our narrator as she presses v and pastes something she doesn’t expect to see.

It seemed ridiculous really that her marriage was over, due to a malfunctioning paste, or rather her missing the c key when performing the copy.

Maybe the real blame lay on her husband for not clearing the clipboard, or really for having the affair in the first place, that was probably what did the marriage in.

The worst part was that she didn’t feel angry, sad, or betrayed when she read the incriminating text, just relieved, because she had a reason to file for divorce.

If she was honest with herself, her marriage didn’t end with the text, or the affair, and she couldn’t really identify when they had made the transition from husband and wife, to flat mates that sometimes got each other off.

The whole thing had just happened by degrees, the proverbial frog in warming water, and the message on the shared computer was just the moment that she realized that the pot was boiling over.

It probably said something about her marriage after all, if she found out he is cheating after ten years together, and the only thought that was running through her head was that soon she would have the entire bed to herself.

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