The Definition of Love

This one is written for the weekly picture prompt on The Writer’s Mess, shown below. Follow our narrator as she get’s a completely unexpected reaction from her new boyfriend, prompting her to re-evaluate some things.

When Kevin called her into the house, she flashbacked to Gary, telling her that she was wasting her time, that this was stupid, childish, and that she needed to be over it now.

She had braced herself for the worst, but when she stepped inside, Kevin greeted her with a warm smile and a hot cup of coffee.

He placed the ceramic mug gently into her hands, still covered by her blue knit mittens, careful to make sure she had a good hold on it before letting go.

She was bewildered as he explained, “you’ve been out there for over an hour. I didn’t want you to get too cold, and what better way to warm up than a hot cup of Jo. Do you need help there?”

The warmth of the coffee was seeping through her mittens and warming her fingers, but his words warmed her heart. 

This was it; this was love.  It was a hot cup of coffee and someone who cared if you were cold.  It was offering to help, even though you yourself hated the snow.  This was it; this was the man she was going to marry.


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