No Silver Linings…

While there are exceptions, on the whole it seems that children don’t quite kid the way they used to. I was disappointed by this at Halloween, and then further surpised by in when babysitting a friends child. Makes me wonder what fiction will look like in 20 years…

I remember being a kid and listening to the adults speak about back when they were a kid, and how lucky we had it and thought that would never be me. But if the victim of the 80’s was the carefree nature of play, as we were bundled up, padded and watched, then the victim of the 2000’s was the imagination.

A generation has arisen that looks up at the sky and sees clouds. Just clouds, not lions, or dinosaurs and what is worse they cannot fathom making up such a thing as images from clouds. This is a generations for whom the constellations must seem as arbitrary as anything else in life is, and as an adult who could spend hours deciphering meaning in the passing of the clouds, I weep for the next generation.


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