The Last Petal

Hello and welcome to this weeks Friday Picture Prompt response. This one is a follow-up/ AU ending to a tale as old as time. What is a certain curse ended a different way. Follow our man or well, monster, as a rose goes up in smoke.

He watched as the rose began to evaporate, his hope along with it.  He howled, as he thought of what it would be like to be stuck like this for all time, but it seemed he was mistaken.

The curse, was not as he had, until know, interpreted. There was no endless life cursed as a beast, or even growing old and dying like this.

As the first spasm racked his frame, he felt fear, and then he rejoiced, the spell, it was breaking. This is how it had felt when he had become this animal, and now it was being undone, he would be human again. 

It grew more and more painful, but he bore it, for the reward would be sweet, as he now knew that she loved him. When he finally passed out from the pain, it was with the knowledge she would be there when he awoke, but he was wrong.

She liked him well enough, but she didn’t love him. How could she love someone who would keep a prisoner? The pain, was that of the curse finishing its work, ending the life that had been spared all those years ago, and freeing his staff. The witch had given him ten years to learn, grow, and that he chose to brood, and sulk, rather than change was proof that he did not deserve the gift he was given.  It was better to end him now, than allow such a tyrant to rule over the people.


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