And The Walls Came Tumbling Down…

The word of the week is club, and this one, while fictional, treads a little closer to reality in points than maybe it should.  I think we have all been here a time or two, and this is the story of our narrator that gets a little overwhelmed by all the things they need to get done…

I started the day, the week, the month even, with a plan, and then life snuck up behind me with a club, bashing me over the head a few times.

I can’t blame reality, as in retrospect, as everyone else knew that I had bitten off more than I could chew, and scheduled more social engagement than any introvert would tolerate.

It took a single addition for what I felt were carefully laid plans, but were more like block activities stacked precariously by a toddler, to come tumbling down around my feet.

With too many options to choose, no way to prioritize, and a panic that it all had to be done now, I did what I do best in these situations, that is to say, nothing at all.

Paralyzed with indecision the tasks piled up, becoming an insurmountable wall of things to do, so high that I could no longer see anything, even that things that bring me joy.

I reacted at first like the toddler who stacked my to do list, crying, and then I threw half my list out, as I accomplished the rest slowly, in mourning for the tasks that wouldn’t be, in large part, due to untreated ADHD.

Hello Hello, it’s ADHD awareness month, which I just realized, because it snuck up on me again, even though I knew it was coming, and is the same month every year…wonder why?


10 thoughts on “And The Walls Came Tumbling Down…

  1. Very, very well constructed Six.
    ADHD … big discussion and one that should be done repeatedly beyond the annual days…will not tire you or the readers with my thoughts, but a big question mark is: How willing are we to accommodate, accept and live together with Different?

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  2. as some of ours friends might say: The here and now is available in individually-packaged sizes. All for our own choosing, if we can but remember to take just enough for the moment at hand.

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  3. I loved the line ‘ scheduled more social engagements than any introvert could tolerate’. I had a neighbor who went with her moods, one day she would be happy and planning all kinds of activities, and the next day she would be down and cancel them all.

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  4. Countless times I’ve convinced myself I can accomplish what on paper, appears impossible! Sometimes I come close. Other times? Not so much, lol. I’ve realized the key to success lies in the order in which I tackle my tasks/projects. Makes a huge difference. Altogether different from social events but perhaps the same principle can be applied?

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