The Limit

This was written months ago, about a person who is pushed to their limit, and then just a little bit beyond. I will admit it was inspired by “A Day” I was having. For me, what ended up yielding was work, which was probably not the worst thing considering the alternatives.

There was an adage- what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. The idea that adding a little weight to a pack every day makes you able to carry the heavy load, and thats what Raelle thought she was training herself to do as she took on a little more each day. She kept her calendar tight, but was sure to keep it within the blocks, allowing nothing to run over, and as long as everything stayed in it’s box, then everything would be all all right. It was an okay theory, but it was just that, a theory.

In reality, people are in fact human, and despite what we are tight as children, humans have limitations. Some of those limits are mental, some of them are physical, not everyone has the same starting advantage, and more importantly not everyone is capable of doing everything. It was a sad fact, but a true one, and one that Raelle was about to discover.

She had started simply with work. It was hard at first going back after such a long period oh unemployment, and at first it had seemed like an unsurmountable challenge. Work was soon not to bad, and then okay, and then she made improvements and put in her all and it actually became a little boring.

Then it was time to have a life. One outside work, and she created a community centered around a hobby, and while it was hard work at first, with a few steadfast recruits, it too became fairly palatable.

Then came the purchase of the house, which came with moving, renovating, and it all worked until it didn’t. A single question took a good day to a bad one. Things spiraled, and the world became an emotional roller coaster, that all she could do was try and hold on, and weather the storm for the 6 months until something yielded and she could only hope it wouldn’t be her mind.


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