Please Step Aside

This little one shot was for a prompt where location and movement was important. I know during the pandemic many businesses made a rule that you had to stand six feet apart between customers, but even before this the thing where people stand behind you and breathe down your neck drives me absolutely nuts. Personal space, people!

She could feel his breath on the back of her neck, and she started walking faster, cursing as he picked up speed to match pace.  She stepped aside, and he followed, ignoring her glare.  She doubled back, and for a moment she was alone, but too short a time later, he was back, behind her, again. How?

She tried to make eye contact with help further down, a trio, that scattered like cockroaches exposed to light when they saw her coming. She loathed confrontation, but enough was enough.

She stopped, and turned. “Excuse me, sir, but you are standing too close.” She said clearly through her mask, and as he wound up to argue she continued. “Store policy says six feet between customers, and if I have to report you I will.”

The man huffed, and said, something, bitch maybe, and brushed past her, heading straight out of the store, nothing in hand. 

She let out a breath as the door swung closed, and resumed her shopping, blissfully, alone.


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