Slaying the Minotaur

The word of the week is Labyrinth, and I think once again my television watching is probably reflecting a little in my work. Take a look at this week’s six-sentence story, where a warrior takes on a labyrinth to slay all the monsters and serve justice to those deserving. 

It was time, this was it, what her training had prepared her for, it had all led to this day.

She checked her armour one final time, finding each carefully chosen piece perfectly in place, and she readied her weapon for the fight to come.

It was more than she had ever expected, with each foe slain giving rise to two more, like the hydras of old, but she pushed on taking each turn as they came, marching towards victory.

She took losses, at the end of each day she knew that she was both more and less than she had been the day before, and it was becoming quite clear that the person who finished this journey would be far different than the one who had started it.

The final blow was anticlimactic, and it took her days longer than it should have to realize that it was over, that she had won, she had conquered the labyrinth and defeated the monster

She looked down at the paperwork from opposing counsel declaring that no appeal would be filed as she called her client to tell her that it was finally safe to go home, and knew that today she was a champion.

The Mysterious Case of the Bloody Staircase

Another one of my flashfiction February prompts, this one where I needed to show a character attribute without actually naming in. No idea how I did on it, not my favorite. It was based on the title, and was a demo piece to explain how the challenge worked.

When the scream rang out, she ran towards it. She paused only to grab a first kit from the wall when she saw the bloody hand-prints on the railing. She yelled of calling the police as she ran down the staircase, and ignored the fleeing figure when she saw the crumpled body on the landing. She staunched the bleeding where she could, glad for the sound of sirens growing louder with every passing moment. She herself to relax once the paramedics took over, she may have saved someone, even if two others didn’t make it. Today, was a good day.

The attribute was bravery, which in this case borders stupidity, as there is a killer involved, but it’s a fine line….

The Hidden Room

This was another microfiction challenge, to do exposition only. I ended up with this odd little piece that I desperately want to use as the prologue to a novel or novella about this hidden room. It calls to me, and maybe someday I will get back to it, but for now… Also Welcome to Camp NanoWriMo. Make sure to set your goals today!

Dust particles danced in the fine stream of light the thick curtains allowed into the room. In the din, only the rough shape of the books on their shelves could be seen, the door still firmly locked against the manor’s occupants.

It had been six years since that door had been opened, six years since the fire had been lit, six years since people had stepped foot in the room, six years since Clara had passed, and six years since the grief had overcome John, making him declare this space, Clara’s beloved library, off limits.

It would be six more years before a boy, too curious for his own good, would find the key, secreted away in a hidden compartment of an old desk, and everything would change.

Apparently I have some sort of obsession with hidden rooms…