The Toss of a Coin

Bonus entry because I forgot to post this on Monday! This story is based on the city image below, which I interpreted as a city flying through space. I tried to get as much of a feeling for the city as I could into 250 words, and you can read about Sienna, who has to make a choice about what she wants from her life and what she is willing to give up to get it.

Sienna had heard stories about a time when the great cities used to reside on a planet they called Earth. It was said that there was once was so much land, that one was allowed to walk on the dirt.

Sienna worked on the engines, below the lake hologram, and she had never been allowed to so much as see the limited supply of dirt they had aboard the City of New York, let alone touch it.

She had only left her level a handful of time, and she wondered what the city looked like from the high towers, with the stars passing them by. Did they have more tickets up there, or better luck maybe?

She looked down at the red token in her hand indicating her ticket had not won the lottery. There would be no child for her this year, and with one year left of eligibility, there would likely never be one if she stayed.

There was another choice though, in six months the New York would make it’s next planet stop, and they could leave then, join a group of settlers and try to make a go of it.

She flipped the token in the air. Name up, and she would sign up for resettlement. Number up, and she would tell her husband that she wouldn’t go.

The token hit the ground, and she picked it up without looking. She made her decision, and now she would have to live with it.


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