Sincerely Me

I actually haven’t watched Dear Evan Hansen, but the song sincerely me has been stuck in my head. I wrote this entirely based on the song and my interpretation of what was happened, but from the POV of his Mother. It is a little odd, but, well, this is what I assumed would happen, based on a single song.

The letter was ridiculous and obviously made up. The entire exchange bordered on the surreal, and the idea that this was supposed to be actual correspondence was laughable.

As she looked at his face, pleading and desperate, she realized how important it was to him for her to believe this. She wanted him to have friends, real friends, but she didn’t want to be one more burden that made him feel even more worthless than he seemed to.

So she smiled. “That’s great. I am so glad to hear that you reconnected with your friend. I have lost touch with so many people over the years, its good that you aren’t letting that happen.” She could see a flash of guilt, and she wanted to confront him, but then he just looked so relieved that she let it go.

She didn’t bring up friends again, and instead focused on making sure he was doing things he liked. She made sure that he ate well, and did well in school, and exercised, and was healthy and as happy as he could be.

Then it happened. He came home happy, bouncy, her boy again. She didn’t pry, and was happy for it, when she saw how much happier that made him. A week later he walked in and introduced her to his new friend, Evan, who just moved there. They were on a project together, and were going to work on that, and maybe play video games, and could they order pizza for dinner. Could Evan stay for dinner?

She felt a weight lift off her shoulders. He had a friend, finally, and not one he had to make up. So yes, Evan could stay for dinner, and they could order pizza. She would have ordered surf and turf if it would have gotten her son a friend, but pizza would have to do.


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