A Sunday Visit

This is a six sentence story, for girl on the edge’s six-sentence-stories, the word was RAMBUNCTIOUS. I decided to combine this with an old idea of mine about an anthropomorphic animal grandmother, greeting the family for a Sunday afternoon visit. Bonus points if you can guess the animal. If you know your groupings, fluffle will give it away.

Ella breathed in the smell of warm chocolate as she pulled yet another batch of cookies from the oven. It was Sunday, the best day of the week in her opinion, because that was the day that the entire family came to visit her warren.

She got up just before dawn to make sure she would have freshly baked cookies for all of them, and as she put the 14th pan of the day into the oven, she heard the first inkling that they were on their way.

One long ear turned towards the door, and she smiled as she realized that the pattering she had heard was in fact that of dozens of tiny feet hopping their way down the lane. She had switched from sweets to drinks by the time the first of the little ones knocked on her door, and smiled as she saw it was the was the eldest of the bunch, Kara, run ahead to help.

They powered their way through the remaining work, so that when the rambunctious fluffle started to pour in Ella was able to great each kit with a hug, a kiss, a treat, and though she was tired from the early morning and hard work, she knew that she wouldn’t have traded this for anything.


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