Private Property

This one was supposed to be for Jimmie’s 250 words, but it got away from me a little. The age of the girl is a little fluid, and once again the inspiration was Faeries. I have a thing for the idea of the Fair Folk, and after recently discovering more that 40% of the missing persons in Canada disappear in British Columbia and most of those into the wilderness, I can see why people blamed them so much…

The first time she saw the girl, she had run away from home. Well not really, she just got very cross with her parents and fled the discussion into the nearby woods. The girl was sitting beneath a large tree reading and Stephanie wondered where she had come from, there was nothing around for miles. She wanted to say hello, but hesitated, something about the girl scared her and she didn’t know why.

She went home, put the strange girl out of her mind, and didn’t think of her again. She didn’t forget the girl though, and a month later when she stormed into the forest again, and saw her, she decided to confront the girl.

She cleared her throat, and when she got not response, she said loudly. “Excuse me, I am not sure if you realize, but you are trespassing on private property.”

The girl paused and then looked up, purple eyes squinting against the suns glare. “Oh am I?” The girl asked.

“Yes, you are.” She responded.

“Oh, I just came from over there,.” The girl gestured deep into the woods. ‘Would you like to join me for some tea, as an apology for the trespassing?” The girl offered.

She nodded, it seemed only polite, and so she followed the girl into the forest, to a cabin she had never seen before. They walked in, and there on the table, was a pot of tea still steaming, and two places set up. She started to look around, but her eyes were drawn back to the table, where the scent of tea was absolutely divine

She wanted to ask where the girls mother was, or how she knew to make tea, but the smell overpowered her. She had drank half the cup in a single gulp, and never realized her mistake. She was never seen or heard from again.

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