For the Love of Dairy

This was written for the six sentence story prompt juice. It is an ode to milk, and the sad story of someone who found out that they will no longer be able to drink it. As I exist partially on cheese, I cannot myself imagine enduring this.

She looked down at the “milk” in her glass, and a frown furrowed her brow. It wasn’t milk, there hadn’t been any milk in months, since she finally went to the doctor about her stomach problems and was diagnosed as lactose intolerant.

She couldn’t do soy, not with her thyroid issues, and as much as they wanted to call what she was trying now milk, there was a part of her brain that remembered the meme, and could only remember the term nut juice.

She stared into the glass a little while longer, trying to get up the nerve to try it, everyone said that she would love it, it was better than milk even, but at the end of the day it wasn’t what she was craving. She probably would have thrown it out, but it was so expensive that she just couldn’t bring herself to do it, it was a waste of food and money.

In the end, she was saved by her roommate, who loved almond milk, and was more than willing to take it off her hands, and Ashleigh had an unsatisfactory glass of water.


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