Such a Small Thing…

This one started as a challenge to use certain words, and I suspect if will be easy to guess which ones. I ended up using some inspiration of the talking book from a care bears movie and a gem with amazing powers. Its incredibly strange, and I think raises more questions about what is going on than it answered.

Nicholas tried to give the signal, but he what came out was a wheeple, and Ken didn’t know that they weren’t alone. There was spy, an eavesdropper, an outacust surveying them. He whispered this to Sarah, but she just frowned. You need to get rid of the word-a-day calendar Nicholas, was what she whispered back. Her whistle came out smooth, too smooth, and there was no way of playing off this whistle as a bird, which while informative, was just as bad as Nicholas’s failure.

The eavesdropper fled, but dropped more than eaves as they did so. While Sarah ran after them, Nicholas faltered, transfixed by the small piece of gold lying on ground by the wall. It looked, like a cross of sorts, smallish, like the whole thing would fit in the palm of his hand. The gold may have been what drew his attention, but it was the the gem at the center that kept it, a cerulific light emanating from ut seemed to draw him in.

It was like it was begging him to pick it up, to touch it, and as his hand got closer he could feel the warmth the blue light was giving off. He could almost hear it calling him, calling his name. Nicholas, Niiicchhhoolllaas, it was if it knew him, wanted him, and he could hear Sarah shouting, but assumed it was at their rather elusive spy.

When his fingers finally made contact with the gem, it was like being struck by lightning. Then everything was different, and Sarah, oh, god, Sarah had turned into a GIANT. He turned and fled tripping over too many limbs, and he was only just beginning to realize he had a tail when he was skewered. The last thing he saw the was face a giant cat, and he wondered how such a small thing had made everything so very large.


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