A Zealous Missive

This was written for the six-sentence story prompt “express” on girlontheedge’s blog. I got stuck on the concept of expression, as in express one’s feelings, and ended up writing what would be considered epistolary fiction, on someone expressing their deeply hidden feelings for their boss.

Dear Mr. Thomas, I am writing this letter to you to express the true depth of my feelings for you, which I have wished to do for sometime, but did not dare to until now.

I have walked around each day with a smile on my face, pretending everything was normal, that I was just another employee and you my employer, when this cannot be further from the truth.

To state it plainly, I loathe you, every fiber of your being, from your shady business practices, to your your oil slick voice, all the way to your perfectly quaffed hair.

I hate the way you fired the most senior of us to save a buck, then punished us all for not hitting deadlines on projects that were assigned to other people a week ago, and are now our responsibility with no time to catch up.

I despise the way you call yourself an upstanding citizen, when what I really want more than anything is to hit you upside your upstanding head until you realize that your actions have consequences that affect more than just you.

She signed the letter sincerely, Jane Howowitz, and then tossed it in the shredder, taking Mr. Thomas a cup of tea, barely resisting a glare as his eyes lingering too long on her behind.


5 thoughts on “A Zealous Missive

  1. Jane engaged in a bit of cathartic writing for sure.
    The sense of how deeply she felt couldn’t have been louder than in “…your oil slick voice…”
    No mistaking the kind of person Mr. Thomas is.
    Update that resume, Jane, lol


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