So this one was a little play on the New Years Resolution. There is always someone I know that is announcing “New Year, New Me” and I have this petty part of me that wants to write them all down and announce them later in the year, maybe at their Birthday or the following Christmas. I don’t, and I also don’t do resolutions, and this is about someone else trying to avoid the pressure to make one.

She speed walked down the street, trying to ignore the brightly colored windows advertising everything you need for a better you. This year she had promised herself, no resolutions.

There wouldn’t be a January announcement of better dressing, or grooming, or weight loss. She wouldn’t be telling the world that she was going to get a better job, or become an entrepreneur, or take up some new hobby that she would drop in a week.

This year, she chose one thing and, unbeknowst to even her closest friends, she started it in December. She didn’t wait for the perfect time, the prefect schedule, she just started, quietly, secretly, and hoped that this year, she stuck to her goals.


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