This one was written for this week’s six sentence story prompt by girlontheedge, which was JUNK. I went with more of a nostalgia take on this one, trying to be a little more on the cheery side and am continuing my theme of holiday stories to round out the year.

There was that old idiom, one man’s trash is another’s treasure, and at first glance this was junk. A lot of it was old, worn, stained, some new and cheap, and some of it passed through more than one set of hands before it got to me.

What it was though, was memories, as I could remember the origin of every single one of the shiny baubles littered about my house. Each year as I unpack them, one by one their, story comes back to me and my heart is warmed.

Its why the majority of my storage space is filled with decorations that adorn my home for only one month a year, and why when my friends walk in during December, they state that someone “threw up Christmas”.

It is in this month the house feels most like a home, full of bright colors, happy music, and though I will be glad to take them down for the space come the 31st, for now I will enjoy the feeling of Christmas.


9 thoughts on “Reminiscence

  1. We put up only a few decorations for Christmas, but I can appreciate how much trouble it must be to store and put up many of them. But at least one takes the time to “enjoy the feeling of Christmas”.


  2. In agreement with the others… though I do not have a conscious affinity for this particular time of year, one would need to be deaf and blind to not appreciate the effects on people Christmas has.


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