Last Minute

I am typically an early shopper and avoid the mall like the plague in December. I have however, played the good friend, and been stuck there the week before Christmas, wanting to murder everyone in sight. This one goes out to all the early shoppers, who still ended up at the mall at Christmas.

The soft strains of Christmas music were still strangely audible over the din of the mall, two days before the event it’s self, and she wanted to murder her friend.

Anna had bought her gifts, on-line, in November, and what she bought at the mall, she bought soon after, knowing that this was the chaos she would be facing. It was her dearest, soon to be late, friend Kiara, who was the reason that they were here. Asking, please, Ann, come with me, I need your help picking out a gift for Frank.

She didn’t need my to help pick out a gift for Frank, she knew what she was getting him. She knew what she was getting all the people on her list. She just needed back up, someone to help by holding her coffee, and bags as she ran in and out of stores. Keeping her place in the mega line as she ran around grabbing things so that when she was done shopping I was at the till.

The good news was, that this was a one time deal. She wouldn’t pull this on me next time And of course that I could use this to emotionally blackmail her into everything else I wanted her to do all year. #bff


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