Smashing Boundaries

This was written for the the six-sentence-story prompt BLANKET by girlontheedge. I went to the dark places with this prompt. It has warnings for violence, attempted assault, mentions of sexual assault and could be triggering to you. Please do not read if this will cause you harm, and to the rest of you, read at your own risk.

She looked at the blood pouring from his nose and felt no regret, only the shear satisfaction of a hit well placed.

She had started by saying no and stop, as his hands moved under her pants, but he hadn’t listened, grabbing her arm as she pulled away, saying that she had kissed him, that she shouldn’t be a tease. She knew that she didn’t have long, so she didn’t hesitate, she didn’t think, she just planted her feet.

She pulled away as much as she could and when he tugged her arm again, she came back at him, but not the way he wanted. Her fingers formed a fist, and as she moved she threw her bodyweight behind the punch, flinching in pain is in made contact with the bones of his face and she hoped the cracking she heard was his bones yielding and not her own, but the while hot pain in her hand said maybe both.

He screamed ,calling her crazy, a stupid bitch, and she knew there would be hell to pay for this tomorrow, social suicide committed to save herself a far worse fate and as he demanded she explain herself she said only that there was no such thing as blanket consent.

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