Blocked Writing

Oh my, I just realized I never made this post. I am so sorry, this has become a victim of Nanowrimo. The great news is my Nano is going well, at the half way point I am past the 70% mark. This is something I wrote during nano, about writing. Those of us who are full of ideas when they have no time and have no ideas when they have time will get this one.

I cannot write.

It is not writer’s block, as the words flow freely. The ideas spring to life begging to be let out as quickly as I can write them down.

It is life that prevents me from writing. The never ending cycle of shopping, cooking, cleaning, eating, working, keeps me from my keyboard, even as I long to do nothing but write all day, everyday.

Everything I do, every step of the day is to lead me back to this place, to the space where I can create. Any yet I know if I were to quit my job tomorrow and sit here all day, I would never write another word again.


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