This was utter nonsense inspired by friend explaining how they got that burn on their face when they took off their mask at lunch. It was more amusing than anything else, and I would have edited something more substantial, but Sunday just kicked me in the pants.

It was cool in my hand, and I took a tentative bite confirming the temperature was reasonable. The spices hit my tongue and my mouth watered, god this was heaven in deep fried form.

My second bit was where it all went sideways, my teeth pressed in and all of a sudden cream cheese erupted from several points, the bit that hit my tongue was warm, but then the side of the morsel split and the glob that was spewed fourth from the depth of the treat was like lava as it landed on my chin.

It burned blistering my skin and a second later when I wiped it off, already cooled the damage was done. I looked at the results in the mirror, and for the first time in a year I was glad for the masks we had to wear every day, that would hide my shame at the blister formed by a jalapeño popper.


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