This weeks six was based on girlontheedge’s prompt RESTORE, and it got weird. I just watched a video of a guy being all the Asian action movie character cliches, and the guy said restore family honor like 12 times in 2 minutes and that stuck, so I ended up with this, piece about revenge.

I would love to say that this was an epic quest to restore the honor of my family, and while that may be the result at its core this was a quest of revenge pure and simple.

I wasn’t angry that she stole our designs, it was a cutthroat business, and if we got our designs stolen we deserved to get them stolen for not having better security. Actually I was a little angry that she had stolen our designs, but she could have just used them, quietly put her design out a week early and let us spin out wheels.

What she did was worse, she edited them, made it look like we stole the design, and were trying to pass off shitty copies of her work as she own, making us look not only like thieves, but dumb ones at that.

There was no legal avenue that would repair our reputation, and every denial sounded like a confirmation that what they were saying was true and so here I was, personally breaking into her private server trying to dig up the worst dirt I could to ruin her.

When I found it, oh it was glorious, like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one and I spread it far and wide because she ruined my family, and people who kept shit like this on their work servers after discrediting the competition deserved everything they got!


6 thoughts on “Retribution

  1. This does happen.
    And while we’d like to think history and future creations win the day, those others have an extra talent many lack…the power of “credible theft.”


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