I will start by saying I might be a bit slow to respond this month, as I am participating in Nanowrimo. I want to pretend that this one was inspired by some sense of justice or the karmic wheel, but in the end I came home from work angry and sad after working some overtime and went straight into a write in, and this is what came out of it. I feel like it could be the backstory of something bigger, and maybe someday I will go that way, but for now it will probably remain a one shot or some related short pieces.

When you want to bring joy to someone who makes you happy, you summon my little sister, who makes miracles happen to wonderful people. When you want someone who has hurt you to feel pain, you call my big sister to rain down vengeance.

I am neither of those things, and yet, at the same time, both.  I am not the one whom you would call for the big karmic justice.  I don’t make people win the lottery, or die in slow painful ways. I am the one who makes Esther, sweet Esther, who always makes sure to save Dave his favorite blue Jello cup, even though they would be out by the time he got to lunch, get all green lights when she is running late.  I make John’s, miserable John, computer freeze just long enough for IT to show up and then find it working every time he sends a needlessly rude and pointed email.  

I right the little wrongs which make someone cry at the end of the day, and reward the person who does the small good deeds to brighten it. I am purveyor of the tiny karmas, and be careful if you call me, because you will get just what you deserve.


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