Witches Abound

This started funny, but turned a little sad at the end. I wrote this based on a tumblr prompt, in 15 minutes, and for Ace Spectrum Awareness (or Acceptance) week!

“This is getting ridiculous.” Samantha hissed.

“What do you mean?” Elsie asked, feigning ignorance, as she walked towards the refreshments.

“Just take off that stupid hat!” Samantha said a little louder this time, and Elsie stifled a giggle at Sam’s resulting flush when attention was drawn their way.

Elsie hadn’t wanted to come to this stupid party, it was Sam’s idea. Samantha was obsessed with landing herself a husband, something about not wanting to die alone.

Elsie on the other hand, had actual aspirations in life. She didn’t want to be remembered as So-and-so’s Wife, or the Mother of that important person. She wanted to be the person who people remembered, and do something memorable.
Sure, most medical researchers died without having made that single important discovery, but even if she didn’t, she would have contributed something to the world, well, something other than half her genetic material.

Besides, people like Samantha would be doing enough of that for the both of them, with a lofty goal of five children. Elsie could be the wine aunt, and well, set an example other than the 1950’s ideal for what a woman was.

The problem with this, is to continue being Sam’s friend, it meant supporting her. Not just with the late night phone calls, and the emergency break up chocolate, but by going to over the top parties like this one, which were basically meat markets.

Elsie had agreed to come, and to wear something nice, ie. Not her usual jeans and a graphic tee. Elsie had gotten a little miffed though when Samantha showed, took one look at her little black dress and kitten heels, and made a comment about making a effort, and standing out not being a bad thing.

Elsie, in a fit of pique, had grabbed the “autumn” hat her mother had bought her one year prior, and proceeded to wear it. It wasn’t a witches hat per say, but an argument could be made in it’s favor. Elsie had only worn it a few other times, mostly as a joke, but tonight she wore it as a statement. This whole thing was ridiculous, and she was not taking it seriously.

It was her most fervent hope, that by the end of the night she would have made enough of a spectacle that she was so well known, that Sam wouldn’t want her to come any more. Oh how wrong was she.

The side eyes she got from the fellow women said, what the hell, but the guys seemed to be weirdly into it. Apparently it meant she was into some “kinky shit”, and after an hour and half Sam finally let her out of it, not because of the spectacle, but because she didn’t want the competition.

Elsie went home and threw the witches hat directly in the garbage, and took a long bath as if to wash the unwanted touches from her skin. She had gotten what she wanted, Sam would not be asking her to join again, but this had come at a higher price than she had expected to have to pay.


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