Make a Wish!

This is less than 250 word story based on a picture and I hate it. I decided to post it anyways because there comes a point when you just need to stop looking at a piece and put it out there…

It started as a single shooting star, and a wish.

Every day was a battle that I fought just to keep going until tomorrow.  Even as I lay sleeping, I dare not do so deeply, for fear of what might happen if I don’t keep one ear tuned to the sounds around me.

First I lost my mother, then my father, and now it is just me and my three sisters, and I know I won’t be able to keep them safe, not here. 

When I looked up at the sky and saw the shooting star, I remembered what my mother said and I made a wish.  A wish for our little family to be alone, safe from the things that go bump in the night. 

When I awoke in the morning it was to a great shuddering of the earth, the first meteor had struck. In the days that followed they fell from the sky like rain, killing and sparing at random.  We huddled in our small shelter for days, waiting.

When they finally stopped, when we were finally safe I left our shelter and looked out at the devastation and I began to weep. It was then I recalled something else my mother had told me.  Be careful what you wish for.


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