Wolf! Wolf!

Okay, so this week’s six requires a gore warning. The word was fountain, provided by girlontheedge, and from starting my writing this week on twitters #trickortweet, I started in the horror mind frame. The language is a little inconsistent, but I felt trying to fix the end would ruin it, so I let it go.

It was like a fountain of blood jetting out from his arm, and it seemed impossible that so much could be contained within such a small man, or that it could go so far.

In the time it took to realize what had happened, that it was happening for real, it had gotten everywhere, making the office look like the backdrop of a low budget horror film. 

All at once we leaped into action, and help was called, pressure applied, but it was too late. When the paramedics arrived they didn’t bother with CPR, a single sweeping glance telling them this one wouldn’t be coming back.

A consummate trickster, that his life was lost in a joke gone wrong was not a surprise to anyone who knew him.  If tombstones bore parables, his would read thus; the consequence of crying wolf.


12 thoughts on “Wolf! Wolf!

  1. Funny how we might feel more for the fellow office workers as witnesses, and the paramedics, and even the office cleaners who have to clean up the mess… than the guy who died 🙂


  2. Excellent Six!
    A story that makes an impression is good. A Six that can cause us (Readers) to try and imagine what lead up to where the words begin. Outstanding.


  3. I am left wondering what joke gone wrong brought on such a deadly result. I also wonder if this was the first time the paramedics were called to assist following one of his jokes or if there were many times. Guess we will never know.


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