Hear Me Roar

So this was based on a song that I accidentally set as my alarm for two months. Which is very random I know, but bonus points if you can guess the song in question.

She looked down at the diploma in her hand, and she knew she had made it. The job she had waiting for her was the icing on the cake.

She wished that she could talk to her past self. The woman that cowered. That stayed when she should have left. The woman who let someone else make her believe that she was nothing without them.  

She would tell her that she could do it. That leaving would be the best and worst day of her life. That the fear she felt was only temporary, and the relief she would feel wasn’t. That it wouldn’t be easy, and that she would be miserable for a while, but the misery would eventually end. 

That she would end up standing here today, with a diploma. Alone, but happy.


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